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Dragon Image has a huge selection of items that are available for hiring and renting. In the range of lighting, Dragon Image has continuous lighting kits in LED, HMI lighting, Fluroescent and tungsten, to studio flash lighting kits for the avid photographer to professional, at a reasonable price. Dragon Image also has Flash Lighting kits in hire for the photographers among us, and also the necessary photography accessories like softboxes, reflectors, umbrellas and triggers.
We have camera supports and other professional video equipment including: e-image sliders, jibs and dollies, tripods and stabilizers, monitors, audiostandsbackgroundsshooting tables and cameras like the much loved Osmo hand held gimbal. Dragon Image also hold hire stock of the Prompt-it maxi which is compatible with your ipad and is easy to use. If you need it, we at Dragon Image are more than happy to help you find a solution for you.
Before you hire your chosen gear, please call your local Dragon Image office to ensure we have it in stock for hire and the dates you would like to hire the gear. Thank you. 

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