Think Tank Production Manager™ 50

  • Extra-Large Case for Studio Equipment or Camera Gear
  • 3–4 Flash Heads/Power Packs/Larger Modifiers
  • Fits Multiple Camera Bodies and Lenses
  • Customisable Interior with Several Padded Dividers
  • Several Internal and External Accessory Pockets
  • External Tripod or Lightstand Storage
  • Durable Roller Wheels and 4 Grab Handles
  • Seam-Sealed Rain Cover
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The ThinkTank Production Manager 50 Roller Bag is an extra-large case designed to fit a huge range of studio and lighting equipment for on-location photo shoots, including video cameras, flash heads, power packs, lenses, and more. The high capacity bag has a convenient set of wheels to help you manoeuver your gear easily. Large exterior pockets and strap loops can be used to secure light stands and tripods, and it also comes with a security cable and lock to keep your gear safe.

Customisable Interior with Padded Dividers

The Think Tank Production Manager 50 Roller Bag comes with several different sized reinforced padded dividers that can be used to customise the interior to fit almost any gear combination. It’s ideal for studio and lighting equipment or traditional photo gear.

Fits Studio Equipment or Camera Gear

The bag’s large compartment can accommodate 3–4 flash heads along with 2–3 power packs and other accessories, as well as a range of collapsed softboxes and modifiers. Of course, it can also hold a huge range of camera gear, including video cameras, DSLRs, lenses, and more.

Exterior and Inner Pockets

A large pocket down the entire front of the bag acts as a catch-all for longer items like sofboxes, umbrellas, or extension leads. A range of mesh pockets inside the lid make it easy to see and store smaller items like cables, batteries and other accessories you might need to find quickly.

Adjustable Lid Straps

The case lid also has two thick straps that help keep it open while you’re accessing your gear. The straps are adjustable, so you can customise the lid’s angle, keeping it upright and allowing you to work from the pockets easily.

External Tripod and Light Stand Storage

Both sides of the bag have deep pockets that can hold umbrellas, tripods, or light stands. These items can be secured using the straps provided, preventing movement. Zipper pockets on the top of the bag are handy for storing frequent-use items or personal effects when travelling.

Roller-Bearing Wheels and Three Handles

Study handles on all four sides provide easy grab points for manoeuvring or having more than one person lift the case when it’s fully loaded. The bag rolls smoothly on custom, shock-absorbing wheels which are wide-set for added stability. For convenience, the wheels are also user replaceable.

Cable and Combination Lock

A security cable and combination lock are provided to help you protect your gear. Both can be used lock the zippers so the bag can’t be opened, or the cable can be wrapped around a stationary object or vehicle to keep the bag securely in place while you’re busy shooting.

Rugged Construction

The roller case is constructed from reinforced honeycomb panels of layered ballistic nylon for outstanding durability. Exterior skid rails along the bottom of the bag near the wheels protect it from damage when being loaded into a vehicle.

Water Repellent with Included Rain Cover

The case features a water repellent coating on the exterior to protect it from incidental splashes or unexpected light rain. For more extreme weather situations, the included seam-sealed rain cover can be pulled over the case to keep its contents safe and dry.

Business Card Holder and ID Plate

A transparent window on top of the case can be used for business cards or labels that can be used to easily identify your case or just its contents. Each Think Tank Production Manager 50 comes with a uniquely numbered ID plate with serial number for added peace of mind.

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Think Tank Production Manager 50 Roller Bag
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