Studio Builds


Dragon Image offers a range of services and equipment. We provide consulting on studio
builds and provide solution-based equipment lists based on the requirements of the client.
What we can offer you!



The options for lighting are endless but know what you need to achieve is the first step to
selecting the correct light. Lighting options change very quickly in the photography and film
industries, so having an up to date understanding of the current options is very important.

Things that must be considered are:
• Colour Temperature (CCT) Accuracy
• Luminosity
• Tough Quality
• Focusing Range
• Variety of Modifiers
• RGB Control
• Flicker Rate
• Lux Graph
• DMX Control
• Remote Control
• Diffusion Evenness
• Beam Angle


Picking a camera requires knowledge of both camera features and required outcomes. These
days there are cameras designed to give 8k resolution, 22 stops of dynamic range and can
shoot 300 frames a second. But that’s not for everyone. There are others that can freeze a
bullet mid-flight or make midnight look like midday. There are even cameras that can follow
you around the room and switch between people as they speak. Know the right camera for
the right job is where we help.


Audio is about knowing the quality of each microphone, what it is used for, as well as the
acoustics of the room it is going to be used in. Not all microphones are the same and each one
performs a unique job. Let us choose the right microphone for your particular purpose.

We have microphones for interviews to recording the sound of a cheering crowd in VR 360.

We also have acoustic foam designed to reduce echoes, which is perfect if you want to create a sound-treated studio space

We have been building studios for quite a few years,

These are just a few from 2018.

The Studio

Requirements: Basic three wall green screen studio with DMX

Main Equipment: LightPro StudioLine 2000XL LEDs all ceiling mounted
Studio Building Parts: 32m LightPro Studio Curve, Chromakey paint, Ceiling Grid
Special Note: Studio is a shared environment that requires a turnkey solution for Chromakey
"The Studio Incubator opened 1st March 2018 in the new Sydney Startup Hub. The Studio exists to grow and strengthen the Australian media, entertainment, games and creative industries for the benefit of all and to create global businesses."

Knox Grammar School

Requirements: A studio that is safe and easy to use for students that provides a lot of flexibility. 
Main Equipment: LightPro Background system, LightPro P80 LEDs, LightPro StudioLine 1200 and LightPro UltraSoft 1000C LED
Studio Building Parts: LightPro 3 Hook background System, Autopole frame and Ceiling Track System
Special Note: Due to the studio's requirements, all cables needed to be off the ground while still allowing for flexibility.

Big Box Cars

Requirements: A studio designed and built to photograph cars. Main Equipment: LightPro 3000 Shark LED

Studio Building Parts: LightPro Studio curve, Ceiling mounted lighting and softbox solution

Special Note: Due to the studio's requirements, all cables needed to be off and the softbox needs to be able to have its height adjusted. 


Requirements: Updating the lighting setup with better quality lighting with DMX and RGB function.
Main Equipment: LightPro Studio Line 2000XL LEDs and LightPro DF-1 RGB LEDs
Studio Building Parts: Had previously installed lighting grid so only needed to remove old lighting, rewire DMX and setup new lights.
Special Note: Due to the studio's requirements, all cables needed to be off the ground while still allowing for flexibility.

Dragon Education Pty Ltd

Requirements:  Lightpro GK-30B track system for use for Dragon Education + Training workshops + display.
Main Equipment: LightPro Complete Studio LED Lighting Track SystemLightpro Blue/Green Frame System 
Studio Building Parts: Installing the Track system.
Special Note: Needed to have a very quick startup time, and to turn on/off ceiling lights on 1 remote switch.

Somerset College

What was required: To convert one of their existing classrooms into a professional film studio, incorporating soft studio lights, ceiling track systems, RGB lighting, studio curve cycloramas, and tripod dollies. 

Our solution: Converting an existing classroom into a studio required that all lighting systems were to be kept away from the floor and out of reach from possible hazards.

The LightPro 4 Pantograph Kit allows for a clear floorway, while Our lightpro range of studio LED lights, were the perfect solution for soft, yet powerful source. Equipped with 12 of our Lightpro Studioline DF-2000XL LED panels

What we supplied:

4x LightPro 4 Pantograph Kit - Dual Ceiling Track w 4 Pantographs

12x LightPro StudioLine BiColor Soflite - LED Panel with wireless and DMX Continuous Video Lighting - DF-2000XL

1X LightPro DF-1RGB LED Light, 120W (30x60cm) w/ Barndoors

1X E-Image EP880SK Pedestal Tripod with 7103 Head and Dolly

Studio cyclorama corners, chrome green paint, and arctic white paint