LightPro 120 Flexi RGB LED Panel

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The LightPro 120 Flexi RGB from Falcon Eyes is a flexible LED panel with many light options. In addition to cold and warm light, the RX-748 also offers the complete RGB spectrum. For all colors, you can count on the highest quality light, with a CRI value of 95. 576 LEDs provide a total power of 300W. The color temperature varies from 2700K to 9999K. Besides control with the buttons on the back, you can also control the LightPro 120 Flexi RGB with DMX. The dimensions are 120 x 60 cm.

Thanks to the flexible design, you can bend the LightPro 120 Flexi RGB in any angle and direction. It is even possible to roll up the RX-748 as a tube. Attaching the RX-748 to a tripod is possible thanks to the supplied X-rod. On the back you can find Velcro for attachment on many surfaces.

The LightPro 120 Flexi RGB is perfect for any creative photographer or cameraman. The lighting possibilities are endless. Adjust the color temperature based on the ambient light or create a colored glow for extra atmosphere.

Because the LightPro 120 Flexi RGB is only 10 mm thick and weighs only a few hundred grams, you can take it everywhere. The supplied case provides safe protection. You will receive a cable to connect the LightPro 120 Flexi RGB to a power outlet.

Optional V-mount batteries are also available, which you can find with the optional accessories.

Unique features:

CRI value of 95

2700K - 9999K

Beam Angle: 10-360° 3

00W 576 LEDs

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