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  • 256GB Storage Capacity
  • UHS-II / V60 / U3 / Class 10
  • Sustained Read Speed: 170 MB/s
  • Sustained Write Speed: 105 MB/s
  • Minimum Write Speed: 60 MB/s
  • Records Full HD, 3D, and 4K Video
  • Shock / Dust / Water / Temperature Proof
  • X-Ray & Magnetic Proof
  • Built-In Write Protect Switch
  • Supports Advanced Shooting Modes

Today's endless bit depth, high frame rates, and high resolutions-4K and beyond-require storage solutions that are just as advanced. Memory cards need to be fast, high-capacity, widely compatible and, of course, extremely reliable. Our AV pro SD cards are built to meet those demanding criteria, not only for DSLR systems but also with drones, where extremes of temperature and humidity, as well as shock, are common challenges.

Angelbird AV Pro SD Features

  • Write protection by mechanical switch, wear leveling, power management for low power usage, ECC, water resistant
  • Sustained read speed: 170 MB/s
  • Sustained write speed: 150 MB/s
  • Stable Stream
  • Shock, dust, water, temperature proof
  • Built-in write-protect switch
  • Water proof
  • X-ray & magnetic proof
  • Sticker-free
  • SDXC | UHS-II | U3 | Class 10 | V60
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