PGY Filter for SPARK-Set (UV/ND4/ND8/ND16/PL)

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PGY-Tech lens filters for Spark with superior image quality.

Neutral Density Filters :
Neutral Density filters can reduce the intensity of light without changing its color. It can be applied for portraits, water falls, fountains, etc.

ND4 ND8 ND16 ND32 are great for portraits and outdoor scenes in strong sunlight. They reduce the amount of light reaching the film, without affecting the final color and apply slow shutter speed under strong sunlight exposureCs. They also allow wider apertures, effectively decreasing the depth of field. The ND4 filter reduces the intensity by two degrees, the ND8 reduces by three degrees. the ND16 reduces by four degrees.the ND32 reduces by five degrees.

MC-UV Filters :
Multi-Coated UV filters help protect your camera lens against scratches, dust and moisture.

PL Filters:
Circular Polarizer filters are used to reduce reflections from windows, water, etc.. They also highlight clouds, and make pictures crisper, with deeper color tones.

Ultra light 0.6 g only
Get the most of your camera without affecting your flight performance.
Seamless integration
The filter not only improves image quality, but also protects the lens.
CNC aviation aluminum
Light and durable for intensive usage.
HD professional lens
Multi-layer coated Optical Glass,You’ll be surprised how good your footage will look.
High quality optical glass
Multi-layer double-sided coating, scratch-resistant, water-proof and oil-proof.

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