PD Movie Remote Live 2 two channel tripod arm Multi-control handgrip PDL-FZ

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2 motor kit
Compact form follow focus/lens control
  • Precision Motors
  • Compatable with mostmounting rods
  • Control multiple motors
  • Straight forward operation
  • lightweight and effective

2 motor kit

The PDL-FZ PD Movie Remote Live 2 Compact 2-Channel Focus Iris & Zoom Control Kit from provides hardwired lens control for focus, iris, and zoom on lenses with 0.8 Mod gears. It includes two motors, a two-channel controller, and necessary cables. The motors mount on 19mm support rods, or on 15mm rods using the included adapter bushings, and the rod clamps allow you to adjust the position of the motor in relation to the lens. The controller clamps onto your tripod pan handle, square tube, or round tube with a diameter between 0.59 and 1.18".

The motors daisy chain to connect to the controller and power. Controlling each motor requires you to pair motor and controller function by matching channels. Motor channel, speed, and function indication is set locally on each motor. Motor channel, speed, and function indication are set locally on each motor. The motors feature auto lens calibration and mapping; however, your lens must have hard stops or the calibration function will not work. The two-channel controller has a push/pull lever for zoom, and a finger wheel that can be used for focus or iris.

Precise control of the PD3-M motor follows every adjustment you make
Suitable for applications such as motorized gimbal, jib, and tripod-mounted operation
Can be installed quickly to most camera setups that incorporate 19 or 15mm mounting rods
Both the focus and zoom controls can be set to operate numerous motors simultaneously, perfect for setting up elaborate 3D and special effects rigs
Each motor and controller features an LED indicator that changes as you increment channels on the device
Make sure that the LED color for the motor matches that of the control you are pairing it with
Simple one-button-per-channel control makes calibration and changing lenses simple
The included controller attaches to most square/round handles between 0.59 and 1.18" in diameter
0.8 Mod gearing is the standard for cine-style lenses
PDL-FZ PD Movie Remote Live 2 Compact 2-Ch Focus/Iris/Zoom Control Kit
  • 2 x PD3-M Remote Air Pro Slave Motor
  • Dual-Channel Controller for PDL-FZ/PDL-3CH-FIZ PD Movie Control Kit
  • D-Tap to Two 6-Pin Lemo Power Cable for PD Movie Follow Focus
  • Motor Control Cable
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty
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