FlashPro 500R 3 Head 500w Rapid Firing Studio Flash Monobloc Kit

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Three of our popular 500R flash blocs, plus all the essentials for creative studio photography.

The FlashPro 500R is the ultimate in standard studio monoblocs. The “R” stands for rapid firing. With a recycling time of 0.15 - 0.7 seconds, this will recycle faster than your subject can change their expression!

A flash duration of 1/2880th of a second, freezes the action, and ensures sharp images every single time.

With a 250w proportional modeling lamp, you’re always able to see the effect you’re aiming for. The 500R is steplessly controllable from Full Power right down to 1/32nd power, with an analog dial and digital readout , giving the photographer infinite control on lighting ratios.

Add to this, a robust metal casing, powerful AC fan cooling, built-in slave cell, audible beep, 3year’s warranty, and you have a pro series Flash that will serve any photographic application, studio or on location.

You can couple this with one of our “ever dependable” AC 1 or 4 channel radio triggers, to enjoy wireless operation.

This Kit Includes:

  • 3x 500Ws fan-cooled flash monoblocs
  • 3x 250W halogen globes
  • 2x 2.8m professional light stands
  • 1x Backlight stand
  • 2x Standard reflectors with umbrella s
  • 2x 42 inch silver+white umbrella
  • 2x 70x100cm double diffuser softbox
  • 1x Grid set (1 honeycomb, 1 barn doors & 4 colour gels)
  • 1x snoot with honeycomb
  • 2x 5m sync cords
  • 3x power cords
  • 1x 3-head kit bag

FlashPro 500R
analog controls
robust metal casing
powerful AC fan cooling
full to 1/32 power range
three year warranty.

stored energy (=joule) 500ws
aperture (ISO100/1m) F45
recycle to full power 0.15-.7 seconds
flash duration : 1/2880s
colour temp: 5300-5000k
modeling lamp: 250w
modeling lamp variability: on/off, intermittent, full and proportional ( full to 1/32 ) stepless control with flash
flash inhibit circuit: yes
cooling fan: yes
overheat protection: yes
overheat alarm: yes
overheat bypass: yes
ready light indication: at 100% charge
built-in slave cell: yes
audible beep signal: yes
slave cell switch: yes
voltage stabilization: yes to +/- 1%
unit size: W:210mm H:185mm L:466mm
weight: 3.7kgs

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