Spine Street Studios Softbox Lighting Rig with Mechanical Hoist System

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What was required: To build a large lighting rig that allowed for soft overhead lighting in a white cyclorama studio. Due to these requirements, all cables needed to be off the ground and the softbox needed to be height adjustable.

Our solution: A large 6x6m softbox diffusion frame with studio LED panels, attached to a mechanical hoist system.

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Having sufficient lighting for a white cyclorama studio can be difficult, as you need to consider how far light travels and whether you’re able to completely cover all shadows evenly. This can be even more difficult if keeping lights off the ground is necessary.

For Spine Street Studios, they wanted a ceiling mounted rig where they could have all their lighting mounted inside a large “softbox” type frame, that allowed for this even spread of soft light. This was achieved by constructing a large 6x6m aluminium square frame, which allowed for softbox diffusion fabric and blackout fabric to be attached around the outside, with 4x Lightpro DF-2000XL Studio LED’s mounted inside the frame. While we would usually recommend getting more lights inside the softbox frame to create a completely even spread of high-quality light, this now allows the studio the flexibility of getting more lighting installed in the future.

Additionally, this softbox frame was mounted onto a mechanical hoist system, with 4 hooking points allowing complete flexibility with height adjustment, as well as the ability to make adjustments and do maintenance with ease.

Lightpro DF-2000XL LED Panel:


The DF-2000XL is a slim, lightweight LED panel designed to produce a very soft and even spread of light for all applications. With a complete plain white diffuser built in, it produces extremely soft light and soft shadows, without the need for extra light modifiers. It also has barndoors attached, allowing for additional control of the light.

It is designed to be slim and lightweight, making it easy to carry around. The metal housing around the light has a nice weight to strength ratio, and with a CRI rating of 92+ and complete colour temperature range from 3000K-5600K (Tungsten to Daylight), it is the perfect light for any situation.

It is also built with an external touch screen interface controller with a cable length of 50cm, and can be provided with an external wireless remote control.

The softbox frame and mechanical hoist systems were both specially ordered, and not a product we have readily available for purchase. Please contact if you are interested in this sort of specialised installation and we can give the right advice for your studio build.

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Installation Time: 2-3 days

Installation Cost: $8400 approx.

Please note that installation costs vary depending on the location and ceiling type. An inspection is also recommended.

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