Metabones Speed Booster adaptor- Nikon G to Micro 4/3 (MB_SPNFG-m43-BM1)

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Key Features

Optics designed by Caldwell Photographic in the USA (patent pending)

News Update 2 Dec 2013: Nikon G/F to BlackMagic Cinema Camera 2.5K (BMCC) and Nikon G/F to BlackMagic Pocket Camera (BMPCC) Speed Boosters are available now. BMCC users may consider to purchase Nikon G/F to BMCC 0.64x Speed Booster version, while BMPCC users may consider to purchase Nikon G/F to BMPCC 0.58x Speed Booster version.

Table of compatibility and resulting crop factors:


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  • Industry's best aperture ring covers a 8-stop range with half-stop markings, clearly indicating actual number of f-stops. No more guesswork! (Patent pending).
  • Compatible to both Nikkor G lens & F lens (include non-AI & AI lens mounts).
  • Increase maximum aperture by 1 stop.
  • Increase MTF.
  • Makes lens 0.71x wider.
  • Optics designed by Caldwell Photographic in the USA (patent pending).
  • The tripod foot is detachable and compatible with Arca Swiss, Markins, Photo cam ball heads.

Remark: This mount is manual aperture control. It does NOT support electronic aperture control.


News update: 18 Sep 2013

In order to satisfy the user needs, from Sep 2013, Metabones Nikon G adapter will be shipped with "CLICK-LESS" aperture ring as default version, which is good for shooting video.

If user would have "CLICKED" vesion, actually, users can easily modified back to "CLICKED" version by themselves. The spare parts "a click ball and a spring" are included in-the box for modification. Users may follow the online video tutorial to modified the aperture ring by themselves easily.

There are two videos (Part I & II) updated on youtube, which are

Part I (from click-less to clicked) ( &,

Part II (from clicked to click-less) (

For the existing default clicked version (purchased before Sep 2013) owners, if you would change your adapter from clicked version to click-less version.

1) Please send your adapter to Hong Kong Service Center.
2) We will help you to modified it with free labor cost (shipping or tax cost is not included, if any).
3) Please choose and pay the shipping method to send back your adapter (you may click the service request link here)

For more detail, please email to


Disclaimer: we are NOT licensed, approved or endorsed by Micro Four Thirds or Nikon

List of incompatible lenses

Nikkor 2.1cm f4

20/2.8 AI-S

Why Metabones®?

Since its inception, Metabones® has been designing and manufacturing lens adapters recognized among professionals and enthusiasts as leaders in design and workmanship.

Contrary to the popular trend of other factories using an aluminum ring painted black on the camera-body-side, we instead take no short-cut but use precision-machined brass with chromium plating on both the camera-body and the lens sides of our adapters, in order to ensure smooth mounting, great appearance, and durability. The lens side of the adapter features a strong leaf-spring structure, strengthening the adapter-lens connection and ensuring tightness of the lens in order to reduce wear and prevent focus errors and optical alignment issues from appearing.

Metabones® uses matte-black treatment to keep internal reflection to a minimum in order to maintain the maximum optical quality possible with the lens.

Metabones® Contax Yashica Lens to Sony NEX Speed Booster follows this tradition of uncompromising precision, robust build quality and outstanding finish.


  • Both camera-side and lens-side of the adapter are made of brass, precision-machined and plated with chromium.
  • Satin surface finish - just like your OEM lens and camera mounts.
  • Precise fit and solid connection - lens has no play, gap or wiggling when mounted on adapter and no adjustments are required to fit your lens.
  • Designed to reach infinity focus while maintaining the correct registration distance required to maintain optical quality of CRC lenses or lenses with floating elements.
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