Celere Set of Celere HS (25,36,50,85) Imperial EF Mount

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Focal Length : 25mm/36mm/50mm/85mm
Aperture Range : T1.5 – T22
Focusing Range : 25mm/33cm/48cm/100cm Respectively ~ Infinity
Focus Scale : Imperial
Focus Markings : 250 Degrees
Front Diameter : 85mm
Front Filter Thread : 77mm
Length : 108-118/118/118/118mm
Diameter : 96mm
Camera Mount : EF
Weight : 1050/1050/1050/1050g (+/- 10g)

Celeres HS lens set includes their 25, 36, 50 & 85mm Lenses, all with a real High Speed of T1.5 aperture and covering Full Frame Sensor Format. The breathing is absolutely minimal and the close focus distance is an amazing 23cm. The gearing of all lenses rings is a matched throughout the range and focus markings are all full 250 degrees. Lens dimensions are a small at between 108-118/96mm and the weight is an impressive 1050g. By utilizing the Vario Mount System owners are able to quickly and easily change between lens mounts. Available mount options are E, EF and PL.The Celere HS Primes are designed for up to 8K RED VistaVision (wide screen) Sensors and all have very high speed, combined with a pleasant Bokeh and no vignetting these lenses can cover any S35mm of Full Frame Sensor analog or digital.

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Brand Celere HS
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