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The Studio

Requirements: Basic three wall green screen studio with DMX

Main Equipment: LightPro StudioLine 2000XL LEDs all ceiling mounted
Studio Building Parts: 32m LightPro Studio Curve, Chromakey paint, Ceiling Grid
Special Note: Studio is a shared environment that requires a turnkey solution for Chromakey
"The Studio Incubator opened 1st March 2018 in the new Sydney Startup Hub. The Studio exists to grow and strengthen the Australian media, entertainment, games and creative industries for the benefit of all and to create global businesses."

Dragon EDU can also provide NESA Accredited Training on all equipment sold and well as incursions and excursions.

Service agreements are available on all builds and come with annual training on the equipment and maintenance of the space. Please contact us for more information.

Every studio is unique but the requirements are usually the same.

This was the case with The Studio.

About The Studio

The Studio Incubator opened 1st March 2018 in the new Sydney Startup Hub.

The Studio exists to grow and strengthen the Australian media, entertainment, games and creative industries for the benefit of all and to create global businesses.

The Studio Incubator opened 1st March 2018 in the new Sydney Startup Hub. Level 6, 11 York St, Sydney (above Wynyard Station). Book a tour now to become a ...

The studio community provides a forum for representation and enhancement of the future of the media, entertainment, games and creative industries

The studio facilitates connections between industry and innovation; and provides pathways to employment through internships and mentor programs.

The studio is supported by our partners and sponsors. These relationships also bring opportunities to collaborate, network and attract funding.

Why is this important? Being surrounded and supported by the who’s who of these sectors is a critical step to shorten the process of execution and ideation.

Chantal Abouchar (CEO, Board Member) from The Studio visited Dragon image with an idea.

"I need a studio that people without experience can use" other wise known as turn key

The First Step – The Visit

The first thing we try to do is organise a visit. Depending on the type of studio that is being constructed this may include (like it did in this case) builders and architects.

One of the challenges was the fact that the space was a historic building.

About 11 York St, Sydney

Transport House, otherwise known as Railway House, this was constructed in the early 1930s as the administrative home of the New South Wales State Railways. The building was clad above the ground level with distinctive green terracotta tiles which were the colour of the railway carriages at the time. Green thus marked the building as belonging to the railways, and foreshadowed the use of the same green for Sydney's public transport network for a time, when buses, ferries and trams were also green. The steel and bronze components used in the building were manufactured at the railway workshops at Chullora. The construction was undertaken using day labour, a controversial decision in the middle of the Great Depression.
When it was built, Transport House was considered to be one of the most modern in Sydney, with cutting edge design features. Much of the interior was art deco in style, the building was air conditioned throughout, and escalators, new in Sydney, ran down to Wynyard station below.

Normally when designing a studio for general use the minimum space we recommend is 10m x 8m with 3m ceilings. With that being said most studios we build tend to be smaller.

“The studio we built for Huffington Post Australia was 6m x 3m x 2.4m ceilings”

in heritage buildings, a room within a room is normally built to protect the building. This was created by the builders that were already on site doing the renovation.

The Second Step – Construction materials

Because we weren’t doing the actual build we had to instruct the builders on what need to be done and supply them with the right building supplies. In this case, studio curve for the studio construction and consult on the build. The Studios studio is around 10m x 10m x 2.7m ceiling very respectable considering its location.

The Third Step – Lighting

Before we even had the meeting Chantal had specified Soft so I recommended the LightPro StudioLine Ultra Soft LED’s here is why.

There are a lot of options on the market from high-end app-controlled lights to cheap plastic one with poor CRI (A colour rendering index (CRI) is a quantitative measure of the ability of a light source to reveal the colours of various objects faithfully in comparison with an ideal or natural light source. Or higher the number better). The requirements expanded to include a limited budget. If you ever go shopping, you will notice that price of some items increases expeditiously and when a product is 90% perfect the extra 10% cost more than triple. Lights are very similar. We picked a light that gave us a great quality of light with excellent cri Above 96/100 that could be controlled from the more traditional DMX systems. (DMX512 is a standard for digital communication networks that are commonly used to control stage lighting)

The studio we helped create is a large green space designed so that anyone could walk in and hit a switch and use.

The space still requires people to bring their own camera and Audio equipment but hopefully, we can help fill the need with the required training and equipment.

LightPro StudioLine BiColor Soflite - LED Panel with wireless and DMX Continuous Video Lighting - DF-2000XL

Lightweight, slim LED panel that produces very soft and even light. Versatile and can fit many situations. The 2000XL features an illuminating, complete plain white diffuser in order to produce the extreme soft light with soft shadows, without the help of extra light modifiers. This light can be used as an individual light for Drama, documentary and corporate light but when mounted to the ceiling with many other 2000XL LEDs it creates excellent, soft and clean studio lighting.

LightPro DN-100FD LED Fresnal (Tungsten Variant)

The LightPro DN-100FD is a high powered Fresnel light that (in its tungsten variant) is the perfect effect light for a studio such as this, the four supplied were mounted in such a way as to give the impression of Sunlight coming through the windows while still providing excellent fill for any shadows not eliminated by the overhead 2000XL's

With an adjustable beam angle enabling you to switch from flood to spotlight beam and because it is an LED tungsten light it does not overheat enabling long uses of the space with no worry.

LightPro Ultrasoft DF-1000C Round (Extra Large) LED - Bi-Colour LED Panel & Lightpro Studio Stand with Roller Wheels 2.6m

The LightPro UltraSoft Round DF-1000C is a modern LED solution, which provides extremely soft light. The individual LEDs are not visible, but instead, one soft light is being produced. The light is produced at a 65-degree angle, with a CRI value of 95 providing natural colours. The brightness of the light is adjustable with the built-in touchscreen. It is also possible to adjust the colour temperature, from 3000K to 5600K. You can power the LightPro UltraSoft Round DF-1000C with the supplied power adapter or optional v-mount battery.

The UltraSoft Range of LED lighting is perfect for people who are after a strong, high quality of light without the harshness that normal LED panels give off and with the design of the UltraSoft light there is no chance of multiple shadows as the light acts as if it were one solid light source.

Due to the size of the 1000c, a normal bulky light stand can be used however this can be cumbersome to move around which is why many decided to pair the 1000C with a roller stand like the Light Pro Roller Stand. This roller stand will allow you to reposition your light with little effort, keeping you more focused on the subject, then the equipment.

Chauvet Stage Designer 50 DMX Lighting and Dimming Controller

The Chauvet DJ Stage Designer 50 takes the size of a 24-channel dimming console and the functionality of a 48- channel console and combines the two into one powerful dimming unit. The Stage Designer 50 has up to 8 pages with 12 scenes each and 96,000 programmable steps. The console allows the user to re-assign channels as needed and allows for MIDI input, output and thru, with file dump. There are adjustable chase and fade times, and 2 programmable aux buttons. It has a built-in crossfader, dark, and kill buttons. With the Chauvet Stage Designer 50 DMX Lighting Controller you can override chases on the fly, mix and match chases, or set for beat-activation, top sync, or auto run.

Full Equipment List


10 x LightPro StudioLine 2000XL
2 x LightPro DN-100f LED Fresnals
1 x LightPro UltraSoft 780C LED Light


6 x Studio Wall Curve 1m
18 x Studio Floor Curve 1m
2 x Studio Curve Corner
1 x 20L Chromakey Paint


1 x DMX Mixer
cables, safety chains, clamps and ceiling supports

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