Plastic Surgery Studio Build

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Taking photos for your social media and clients should not be difficult if you have the right equipment and the proper knowledge to use them in order to obtain high-quality pictures that you can use to correctly represent your work. It has never been easier!

The basic equipment that you need in order to take quality photos are the following:

  • A plain white background (or coloured) for taking patient’s profile photos.

  • A camera that takes high-quality pictures.

  • A good lighting source.

Here at Dragon Image, we can help you set up a small studio space in your Dental Studio!


LightPro StudioLine BiColor Soflite 2000XL

Lightweight, slim LED panel that produces very soft and even light. Versatile and can fit many situations. The 2000XL features an illuminating, complete plain white diffuser in order to produce the extreme soft light with soft shadows, without the help of extra light modifiers. This light can be used as an individual light for Drama, documentary and corporate light but when mounted to the ceiling with many other 2000XL LEDs it creates excellent, soft and clean studio lighting.



Superior Arctic White 1.35m x 11m Seamless Background Paper Roll

Arctic White 1.36m x 11m Seamless Background Paper Roll Superior provides a high-quality, non-reflecting surface with an exquisite, fine-tooth feel that’s ideal for creating smooth and even backgrounds in portraits, commercial photography, product photography, video photography, and much more.


Lightpro Single Hooks

The Single Hook is design to fit on a spigot and light stand, it has one hooks to fit an expan set and is easy to use..


Lightpro Expan Set A

The EXPAN system provides a practical, unitized, chain-operated background drive in a system for fixed location (wall or ceiling mount) that lets you start with three pole set and add additional units as you need them.



Lightpro FLatbase Ceiling/Wall Spigot

The ceiling/wall spigot is a great simple way of mounting lights, simply screw it to a surface that can hold the weight and all our lights fit onto the universal spigot

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