LightPro CEO 5 Head LED Kit with Green Screen

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2 x LightPro Ultrasoft LED Panels

2 x Mains Power Supplies

2 x Simple LED Lighting Bags

2 x LightPro Stands for the Panels

1 x 2.2m x 2m LightPro Background Frame System with Blue and Green Cover

LightPro have recently released a new series of LED lighting kits to help you build that studio in your office, boardroom or garage space, with ease. Each of the kits have a set of lights with stands for easy setup and are paired with a a blue and green chromakey background for greenscreen and bluescreen productions. Due to the lights included in the kit, and the background frame system as well, the kit can be dismantled for easy location travel and transport. All fitting into cases under 1m long.

The CEO Kit is the ultimate lighting solution for your office, studio or boardroom space. Including 2x LightPro 60S LED Ultrasoft square panels that create a soft wrap of high quality light on your background and 2 x LightPro 66R LED UltraSoft Rectangular panels, 1 for the hair light behind the backgrond (as pictured) and one off side to the subject. You also have an Ultrasoft 600C Round LED. The lights are bi-colour which means that you have the ability via the ballast, to control the colour temperature from tungsten to daylight, warm light to cool light.

The lights, unlike traditional LED panels that create a harsh direct source of light, the ultrasoft LEDs are designed to soften the shadows and flatten the light being emitted. No longer do you require softboxes that require a few minutes setup when you arrive on location and then are snapped on the front of the light, thus creating a bulky mess. The ultrasofts have the softbox built into the unit and are finished in a simple flush framed design.

The kit also features a Prompt-it Maxi Autocue and lighting stand. This simple to use item takes the hassle out of remembering your lines. After setting it up on a lighting stand and positioning your tripod behind the glass. You can look directly at the camera whilst reading your lines. Never breaking eye contact. Never breaking that relationship you are building with the viewer. This is by far our most popular teleprompter that we sell. All you need is a smart tablet like an ipad, and after downloading the app (we recommend Teleprompter +3) you are set.

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