LightPro Focus Mini 50C Interview Kit with Green/White Frame Kit

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- 3 LED lights (2 x focusable and 1 x modifiable)
- Everything you need to get started: mains power, batteries, chargers, stands, barndoors, cases
- Easy to setup green and white screen frame, which stretches to reduce wrinkles.
- Perfect for on location or in studio

This kit is perfect for anyone looking to start working in chroma keying.

The kit is designed to cater for both industry professionals and school based environments as it has the fundamental elements of proper lighting for a chroma key screen, the background system is a portable background system that can fold down for travel. It gives you a white on one side and green on the other side background and a frame whose feet don't create tripping hazards. The background stretches over the frame so you don't need clamps and because it stretches, it gives a high quality and professional finish.

The LightPro 50C FocusMini LED Kit is a 3 head lighting kit with bi-colour and focusable LEDs.

The Kit features a high TLCI with a rating of 98 and a high CRI of 95, these measurements mean that the colour accuracy is above industry standard. With 50W of power per unit, and a small robust housing, the LED kit allows everything to be included in a portable carry bag, which makes the kit a great travel solution.

The great things about these lights is that you have an adjustable colour temerature from 2500k-5800k (tungsten to daylight) and with the screen on the back you can minutely change to the colour you require. You also have dimming control from 5%-100% with the wide range of brightness adjustment. Power can be run through the Adapter Power supply or via NP sony style batteries (both included in the packaged kit). It also includes a yoke for attaching to a lightstand.

  • CRI: 95 TLCI: 98
  • High brightness with accurate colour
  • 50W high-powered LEDs, three lights and all of the accessories fit into the all-in-one carry bag. Light stands and separate carry bag also included.
  • 2500k-5800k colour temperature adjustable, OLED screen displays the colour temperature. 5%~100% wide range of brightness adjustment.
  • Power supply: AC Adapter (Included) of Lithium-ion Battery Operation (Sold Separately)
  • Compound optical double lens design. The ultra wide Angle is infinite.
  • Solid professional U-type bracket, freely adjust and rotate the light head
  • Quiet noise cooling system


  • Power: 50w
  • Voltage Range: 11v~17v
  • Adapter: 12V / 5A
  • Brightness Adjustment: 5%-100%
  • CRI: 95, TLCI: 98
  • Color Temperature: 2500~5800K
  • LED lifetime: 50,000h
  • Battery: NP-F750 about 40 minutes
  • Zoom Range: 17~80°

Light source test data: (BL-50C)
Focus: 0.5M (13000LUX), 1M (3500LUX), 2M (800LUX)
Wide-Angle: 0.5M (5800LUX), 1M (1500LUX), 2M (390LUX)

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