Vaxis Storm 3000 3G-SDI & HDMI Wireless Transmission Kit

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- 14dBi Array Panel Antenna with build-in Receiver
- WHDI 5.1-5.9GHz Frequency band
- Uncompressed HDMI/SDI up to 1080p60
- 1000 meters Line-of-Sight distance
- Less than 1 millisecond latency
- AES-128 encryption with air interface HD video data stream
- Transmitter : OLED side panels for custom configuring
- Supports dual SDI + HDMI simultaneous output
- HDMI/SDI embedded audio transmission
- Supports metadata and time code
- Supports 4 pairs working in one location
- 1 transmitter multicast up to 10 receivers
- TX battery plate : Sony U-series, L-series, Canon LP-E6 series
- RX battery plate : V-Mount

Light and Fast | Highly integrated structural design

Panel receiver adopting the industry-leading second-generation integrated structural solution, the volume is reduced by an average of 50% and the average weight is reduced by 20% compared to the same class of products in the market. It is lighter, thinner, and smaller.

Ultra-Long Transmission Range | 1.5 km Still clear and stable

Storm 3000FT as a Broadcast/Film-Video wireless transmission system, equipped with 14dBi high-gain panel antenna, Directional transmission distance up to 1.5km, the frame is still clear and stable at the extreme distance, omni-directional transmission distance can reach 450m. Support plug and play, no compression transmission, delay <1ms, can be widely used in film and television director monitoring, large-scale event, drone shooting / Flycam / Steadicam and so on.

Multi-Interface | Meet multi-sector simultaneous monitoring

Supports dual SDI + HDMI simultaneous output, and can connect multiple monitors or relay devices to enable simultaneous monitoring by different departments such as directors, Focus Puller, and Studios.

Compatible with Storm Series Transmitters

- Vaxis users only need to purchase the Panel receiver, combine with the existing Vaxis transmitter, the storm 3000FT ultra-long transmission distance can be obtained, and save the equipment upgrade costs.
- Using the Vaxis 3000FT with other Storm receivers, only need one transmitter can easily meet the monitoring requests of different distances and different departments, and set up a full set of on-site monitoring program.

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