PGY Phantom 4 Pro (UV/ND4/ND8/ND16/ND32/CPL+bag)6-PACK

- High quality double anodic black and gold matte finishing.
- OPTICAL GLASS - Multi-layer double sided coat
- Scratch-resistant
- Oil-proof
- Water-proof
- Multi-layer Coating Double-sided

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PGYTECH Camera Lens Filter Light 6-pack UV + ND4 +ND8 +ND16+ND32+CPL+Case for DJI Phantom 4 PRO Quadcopter PGY-P4P-013

PGYTECH PHANTOM 4 PRO Gold high-definition multi-layer coating filter series
Black matte frame
Ultra-fine matte treatment to prevent reflection
Optical glass, double-sided multi-layer coating
Using the new coating process, nano-coating, waterproof, anti-fouling, anti-oil, strong scratch resistance .

MRC-UV Filter Features:

•MC一UV also known as ultraviolet filter, UV filter can protect the lens effectively, waterproof and prevent dust to the lens, scratches and oil, can be shelter for the camera, anti-fouling, used to filter light.
•Camera lens is the most valuable, strengthen the protection is necessary, fitted with UV lenses which can prevent dust erosion and easy to clean up. Play a protective lens, improve the quality of the screen.
•Apply to the shooting under the seaside, mountain, snow and open areas , reducing the blue tone caused by ultraviolet . At the same time for the camera, you can also exclude the interference of UV on the CCD, help to improve the clarity and color reproduction effect. So that image can be more clear.
Without HD-ND filter
Without HD-ND filter

HD-ND Filter Features:

•Ultra-thin ND digital dimmer, adopt optical glass and new designed ultra-thin filter box, shadows or unnecessary reflection will not lead to four corners when it used in the camera lens.
• Filter the light, no impact on original color, Restore the contrast of the scene.
•Suitable occasions :
1、Shoot in the light, slow down the shutter speed
2、Take a picture of the foggy water
3、Night shooting applications, use a small aperture with the dimmer, no difficulty to shoot beautiful rail at all .
4、Can prevent the scattered light heavily, improve the color saturation of the image ,and the reduction of scattered light can also make the picture stone more transparent when you shooting in the cloudy, rainy days.
Without MRC-CPL filter

MRC-CPL Filter Features:

• CPLis mainly used to absorb the polarized light in the sky, water reflection, glass reflective and other non-metallic reflective. In the sunny days the blue light in the sky belongs to the polarized light, the water vapor in the sky will interfere with the light in the sky to produce polarized light. Increase the polarizer can eliminate the above-mentioned polarized light, but also increase the degree of bright colors, and shooting a very blue sky.
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You're reviewing:PGY Phantom 4 Pro (UV/ND4/ND8/ND16/ND32/CPL+bag)6-PACK
  • 1 x MRC-UV Camera Lens Filter Light
  • 1 x HD-ND4 Camera Lens Filter Light
  • 1 x HD-ND8 Camera Lens Filter Light
  • 1 x HD-ND16 Camera Lens Filter Light
  • 1 x HD-ND32 Camera Lens Filter Light
  • 1 x MRC-CPL Camera Lens Filter Light
  • 1 x Case
  • PGYTECH Warranty