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Dragon Image has a huge range of film and video solutions to help you achieve the perfect shot at affordable prices. With a selection of LightPro, Rimelite and Bowen softboxes, LightPro accessories including snoots, reflectors, beauty dishes, umbrella holders and barndoors for flash, Umbrellas from 32in, 42in up to 60in, and flash triggers; Dragon Image has your flash photography covered.

Dragon Image also specialises in continuous lighting solutions for those in the film industry, with lights from LightPro with high TLCI and CRI outputs, as well as Fiilex and Apurture panels and fresnels. Dragon Image also has a range of monitors, audio equipment and accessories, cameras, tripods, monopods, sliders, dollies, tracks, gels, support systems and backgrounds at all our three interstate stores - Sydney, Bribane and Melbourne.

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