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  1. E-Image MC-70 Carbon Fiber Fluid Video Monopod With Pan Head

    E-Image MA70 Video Monopod you have the ability to tilt forward and back thanks to the high quality fluid pan head. Not only this, but you can pan extremely smoothly thanks to the fluid pan system built into the base of the monopod.
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  2. EIMAGE MC-120 Hand-held Camera Stabiliser / Monopod Carbon Fiber

    Newly released stabilizer MA120/MC120 by EIMAGE . This hand-held stabilizer MA120/MC120 can support any DSLR cameras or compact camcorders. It is quick and easy to set up and balance. 3-in- one function can also be used as monopod and mini tripod.
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  4. E-Image MA60 Monopod with feet

    The Eimage new series monopod is a  pretty portable solution for smooth shooting with DSLR,Mini-DV and HDV cameras in limited spaces. It is mostly can be used on move shooting and other events, which is smoother and easier to use than hand-held. This creative designed monopod incorporates a fluid cartridge in the base for smooth pans, and has three retractable feet for a firm footing on uneven ground. Photographers can just stand as using a tripod, and just move as it is a monopod.

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