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  1. 4.1m Light Stand

    This lightweight, compact and sturdy 2 in 1 light stand can be used with professional studio flashes or as a background support system with an added crossbar.

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  2. LightPro 1.8m Light Stand

    This lightweight, compact and sturdy stand has a practical 1.8 m maximum height.

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  3. LightPro 2.8m Light / Lighting Stand


    • High-grade aluminum construction with nylon reinforced collars.
    • Thumb screws 1/4-3/8
    • Solid brass head fitting 
    • Built-in dampers give maximum protection to your light units.
    • Compact, portable, durable
    • Use as light stand or background support
    • Max height 2.8m
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  4. LightPro 3.1m Light Stand

    The practical choice for professional studio photographers, the LightPro 3.1m light stand is lightweight, durable, and easy to transport.

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  5. LightPro Dual Floor Stand

    This LightPro Dual Floor Stand has a minimum height of 100mm and a maximum height of 640mm. Quick to set up, stable, and lightweight. Comes with 5/8" receiver and 1/4"-3/8" spigot.

    • Dual Floor Stand
    • Max height: 64cm
    • Min Height: 10cm
    • 5/8" receiver and 1/4"-3/8" spigot
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  6. LightPro Dual Boom Stand

    This easy to use, portable dual boom stand gives you the flexibility to set up a 4m light stand or a light weight boom stand.

    The special articulated joint works as both a locking collar and pivoting boom clamp depending on whether the top tube is vertical or horizontal. Quality aluminum construction and a sandbag counterweight (shipped empty) provide maximum stability and smoothness

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  7. Black 3m C-stand

    A versatile, heavy-duty 3m C-stand with arm and two clamps for erecting overhead screens.

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  8. AVENGER Medium Roller Overhead Stand

    An extremely strong and durable stand, the Avenger A3034CS roller will support a light fixture or up to 40kg of butterfly fabric (at minimum height).

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  9. Avenger A2030DCB Stand Light C-Stand Detachable Black Century

    The Avenger A2030DCB features a detachable turtle base for easy transport, plus individually positionable legs and 2 risers for maximum versatility.

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  10. AVENGER High Overhead Stand Lvl Leg

    The Avenger A3042CS Medium Overhead Stand is designed to support butterfly textiles as flyouts from the top grip head attachment. These stands are extremely versatile, thanks to their wide base and high reach.

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10 Item(s)

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