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  1. LightPro Cyclorama curve for studio Floor to Wall Horizontal - sold per meter

    The LightPro 1m Cyclorama curve for studio Floor to Wall Horizontal is a 40 degree curve designed to go between the floor and wall. the curve has a radius of approx 50cm and designed to work with the LightPro Curve Corner. The reason for a 40 degree curve is to allow for a smooth transition from floor to curve.
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  2. LightPro Studio Curve Corner

    The studio curve corner helps you create a seamless curve between your studio walls. It is a plaster curve designed to be built into a studio to give you an infinity curve or to remove the appearance of corners. Please contact us if you wish to build a studio using our studio setup pieces so that we may assist you in choosing the right number of pieces in the correct sizes if you are unsure.

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