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HDSLR Camera and Audio Kits

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  1. Interview Intermediate Light and Sound Kit

    If you have prior knowledge of shooting and are wanting to go out on your own this is a great kit for you.


    • 2 x 2m Light stand
    • 2 x LightPro DN-600CSC Dual Colour Compact LED Video Light 
    • Boya Lav Micrphone
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  2. Interview Advanced Light and Sound Kit

    The Interview Advance kit is for a more professional look and sound.

    To achieve this the Kit comes with:

    • 2m Light Stand 
    • LightPro DN-600CSC Dual Colour Compact - LED Video Light
    • Sennheiser EW112-p G3 Wireless Lapel / Lavalier Microphone System

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  3. Sound Recordist Essential Kit

    The kit is a great entry to the industry. Idea for interviews and youtube videos. The kit include a zoom H1 and a Boya Lav Microphone.

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  4. Sound Recordist Intermediate Kit

    This kit is perfect for film makers focused on interviews, presentations, movies and so much more.

    It features:

    • Zoom H4n
    • NTG1 Microphone
    • Rode Mini Boom Pole
    • 5m XLR cable 
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  5. Sound Recordist Advanced Kit

    The Advanced kit is for sound recordists looking for high quality sound recording equipment.

    This kit features:

    • Zoom H6 Handy - Handheld Recorder with Interchangeable Microphone System
    • RODE NTG-3 Precision Broadcast-Grade Shotgun Microphone
    • Rode Boom Pole
    • UXL-7 7m XLR Male to Female Patch Cable

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