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Ceiling Track

Dragon Image is here to help when it comes to building a studio, with an extensive range of products, including ceiling tracks. Ceiling tracks are installed into the room of your studio so that you can move you lighting and cameras around freely, thus clearing the floor from multiple lighting stands and tripods, that may get in the way during your shoots.
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  1. LightPro 4 Pantograph Kit - Dual Ceiling Track w 4 Pantographs

    Complete system of tracks and pendigraphs. Four 3m tracks (extendable)
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  2. Sennheiser MZH-8000 Ceiling Mount for MKH-8000 Series Capsules

    The Sennheiser MZH-8000 Ceiling Mount is designed to mount MKH-8000 series capsules overhead. The mount is suspended from the connected cable and the angle is adjustable for perfect positioning. A cable guide takes up excess slack and secures the mount in place.
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  3. Sennheiser MZH 30 Metal Ceiling Mount for ME 34/35/36 Microphone Heads (White)

    The white MZH 30 Metal Ceiling Mount from Sennheiser is used for attaching and directing the ME 34, ME 35 and ME 36 microphone heads. It attaches to and positions the microphone capsule, allowing for unobtrusive placement above a speaker or the audience. The MZH 30 is used in conjunction with the MZC 30 cable (sold separately) and screws into a ceiling tile for unobtrusive mounting.
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