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EOFY Studio Solutions

Whether you need a basic studio setup system to allow you to hang a single background (LightPro fleece , Superior paper, fabric, laminate) in a space or a multi background system allowing you to hang up to 6 different colours in one room, Dragon Image has a studio solution for you.

From the portable LightPro Background support system to the LightPro Expan System in either triple, quad or six hooks or motorised, we have a huge range of options to go from the spare room, garage or office, to a professional photography or film studio. 

Dragon Image also specialises in solutions for hanging lighting setups in studios, with their ceiling track, trussing and other solution kits and setups. 

Dragon Image offers both broadcast and studio solutions to help you create the best and unique setup for you, and can be hired to consult on location or free to discuss matters in store. We also specialise in studio building solutions like cycolrama curves to help you get your professional studio up and running.

Building Your Own Studio from Dragon Image on Vimeo.

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