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Dragon Image specialises in V-lock / V-mount batteries for the professional and amateur filmmaker. We have 95wH, 130wH, 160wh and 230wh V-lock batteries with both DTap and USB capabilities inbuilt within them. Our 190wh Buddy Battery System allows you do take a larger capacity battery internationally whereas with 160’s and 230 V-locks are declared unsafe on some airlines. The 190 splits apart into 2 smaller 95wH batteries for flying and once back on location the batteries combined together again to power anything from a v mount LED light panel like that of the LightPro series to larger cameras with longer running times, as well.

LightPro has recently released the V-Link 100wh battery which allows you to piggyback batteries giving you longer running time and the ability to travel overseas without worrying about the legal restrictions of airlines. They have also released the 98S Super battery which is also compatible with RED DSMC2 Cameras, as well as the usual cameras and lights you require V-mounts to run.

With a huge range of batteries, including Canon and Nikon battery solutions, one needs the ability to charge them and Dragon Image has multiple solutions for you. Dragon Image has a range of charger solutions: The single travel charger gives you the ability to charge a v-mount battery using its D-tap portal, the dual charger allows you to charger multiple batteries (two) and the LightPro quad charger allows for anywhere from one to four v-lock batteries to be charged at the same time.

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