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Fluorescent Lighting Kits

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  1. Product Starter Kit 2 Head Fluro Daylight Light Tripod and Shooting Table

    This kit is ideal for any one needing to photograph a range of small products for a website or catalog. It includes special flicker-free, non-colour phase fluorescent globes and softboxes, which create soft even light without the heat of a normal tungsten globes. Plus, the included shooting table makes it easy to get clean, crisp images on a white background.

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  2. LightPro 2 Head 4 Bank Fluoro Lighting Kit

    Now with Dimmer - These four tubes will give you an equivalent of 880 watts of bright, colour consistent, flicker free light. They are capable of over 8,000 hours of operation, making them an economical choice. Diffuser, barndoors, and mounting bracket included. These units come with two brackets for each head, allowing them to be positioned horizontally and vertically. Kit Includes 2 x LightPro 4 Bank Fluoro Light, 2 x Lightpro 2.8m Light Stand and cases

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  3. 2 Head Kit LightPro 6 Bank Daylight Balanced Fluorescent

    Kit Includes 

    2 x LightPro 6 Bank Daylight Balanced Fluorescent Light 
    2 x LightPro 2.8m Pro Light Stand
    2 x Carry Case and cables

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  4. CSO 2 Head Video Lighting Kit with Green Screen

    The Colour Separation 2 Head Video Lighting Kit for is a great flexible Fluorescent Lighting Kit that can be used in studio for Single Person to Camera, It's great for larger studio spaces and is incredibly portable . It includes 2x LightPro 6 Bank Fluorescant Lights , 2x LightPro 3.1m Stands, 1x Large Background Support Kit and 6 metres of Green Screen Chroma Key Velvet.

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