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Sand Bags & Weights

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  1. LightPro G-CLAMP W- SPIGOT

    LightPro G-CLAMP W- SPIGOT
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  2. LightPro Sand Bag 10kg Capacity

    The sand bag is a must-have for any C-stand, specially made to be used in film and video production; includes a reinforced handle for easier movement. It is simple to fold these sand bags in order to get them to drape over uneven objects such as the legs or feet of various equipment stands.

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  3. LightPro Sand Bag 10kg Capacity: Set of 4

    This black saddle-style sand bag was designed to secure the base of light stands in order to help create a safe working environment. This is a dual wing sandbag with zippers, made with a small and compact design.
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  4. Lightpro 5kg Shot bag

    5KG Heavy Weight Shotbags are ideal for weighting or stabilizing objects that are wind-affected or inherently unstable -lighting stands, sound equipment, banner stands, umbrellas, tents/marquees, signage and a million other jobs.

    The shotbags are filled with small pieces of metal which creates their flexible properties.

    Please be aware that shotbags are heavy items, and may incure extra shipping fees. 

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4 Item(s)

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