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  1. LightPro Professional Boom Stand

    LightPro Professional boom stand which is designed for both studio and location shoots. It has a heavy metal counter-weight weighing 5kg. It is ideal for positioning lights at any angle with the minimum of effort.
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  2. LightPro Wall Boom 1000

    Wall mounting boom arm can extend in length between 1.2m and 2.1m.
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  3. LightPro Large Studio Boom Stand

    This Boom stand combine high quality craftsmanship with an excellent value creating an attractive yet practical asset to any commercial studio or location set. It offers maximum support with minimum bulk and solid locking capabilities with quickness and ease perfect for setting up beautifully backlit backgrounds, or just the right hair light. Our booms are built for precision, directional light control. Our Heavy-Duty Boom & Stand are made of the highest quality steel to be strong and long-lasting.
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3 Item(s)

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