LightPro DN-900CSC Dual Colour Compact LED Video Light

The LightPro DN-900CSC Dual Colour Compact - LED Video Light is a compact version of the popular LightPro Dual Colour DN-900CSC LED Panel - LED Video Light, This LED gives you colour control from 3200k - 5600k making it a very versatile option for anyone in video. The LED comes with a v-mount on the back to take the widely available V-Lock Batteries available in store.

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  • High output, stable color temperature, long service life and outstanding heat dissipation.
  • Use spotlight LED bulbs, provide an illumination distance of more than 5M, which is suitable for long distance shooting. Comprise a diffuser, whereby light may be freely switched from spotlight effect (suitable for long distance shooting) to floodlight effect (suitable for short distance shooting).
  • Comprise an orange filter, provide an alternative color temperature of 5400K or 3200K for choice).
  • Connect with 110V~230V A/C power through an A/C power adapter, easy and convenient.
  • Easy carrying and simple assembly, comprise a standalone cable dimmer to help easier dimming, suitable for lighting in Video and outdoor image capture.
Technical Specs:
  • 54 Watt 900-LED
  • Model:DN-900CSC
  • Power: 54W
  • Power Sourcing: 14.7V DC
  • Compatible battery: V-Lock battery
  • Illumination(LM): 5535.1m
  • Illumination(LUM): 1m-8850lux; 2m-2600lux; 3m-1280lux; 4m-650lux; 5m-450lux
  • Power output control: Stepless adjustment from 5% to 100%
  • Color temperature variation: 5400k-3200k
  • Net Weight: about 1477g
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