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  1. LightPro 4 Bank Honeycomb

    LightPro 4 Bank Honeycomb designed to fit to the front of LightPro Daylight Balanced Fluorescent Light, 4 Tubes, 880 Watts, 2 in 1 System

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  2. LightPro Honeycomb Large for Beauty Dish

    This 70 cm Honeycomb mounts to the Large LightPro Beauty Dish.

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  3. LightPro 6 Bank Daylight Balanced Fluorescent Light

    Professional quality Osram fluorescent tubes deliver a higher output of bright, colour consistent, flicker-free light than any other fluoro tube on the market. This lamp include 6 tubes for the equivalent of 1320 W of light. These units come with two brackets for each head, allowing them to be positioned horizontally and vertically.

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3 Item(s)

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