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When it comes to shooting videos most people collect multiple backgrounds, the newest in lighting and camera gadgets, which is necessary, but what can really help distinguish you from a basic video to a high quality film, is understanding what role audio plays in a scene. Dragon Image understands this, and therefore are always learning the newest technology to help you achieve your film making goals.

Sennheiser and Rode take the lead when it comes to choosing a lapel mic, wireless avx audio system, shotgun mic, handheld microphones or on-camera microphone, and whether or not you understand everything there is about sound or you are just starting out with your DSLR, Dragon Image provides the knowledge and experience to help you pick the right tool for the job. Dragon Image also holds Audio Technica and Sennheiser Headphones when you need studio quality headgear, as well microphone accessories including audio cables for getting your sound kit up and running, and audio mixers for recording your sound externally.

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