Mystery Clock Cinema Studio Build

Dragon Image helped Alex Proyas build his ‘dream studio’ where the entire filmmaking process can all be done in one compact studio space. The Gods of Egypt, Knowing and I, Robot director says that the streamlined facility will serve as a think-tank for developing new technology and new ways to make films.

The cyclorama studio is 5m (H) x 10m (L) x 5m (W) offering a large amount of space for filming. With custom curtains and lighting truss installed on 4 hoists, the studio offers exceptional flexibility and can be transformed to suit any shoot's requirements. The Lightpro 200WB Studio LED Bi-Colour Panel with DMX lights on the truss can all be controlled using a remote, this involves adjusting colour temperature to moving the entire lighting truss up and down.

The lighting system of Lightpro 600 RGB Flex LED lights, Lightpro 200WB Studio LED Bi-colour panels, Fiilex K154 Spot Light and Lightpro Ultrasoft DF-1000C Round (XL) LED Panels provides exceptional versatility to create any mood lighting setup that you want.

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Studio Large components

Hoist system

Four hoist systems along with a truss system were used so that the space offers exceptional versatility and reduces the amount of unused space above the truss.

Connecting the truss on a hoist system allows the lights and other equipment to be repositioned and swapped out without having the danger of being on a tall ladder or man lift.


Dragon Image can help source and assist you in creating a truss system to suit your specific needs and your space.

The benefit of using truss over simple tube systems is that trussing is more customizable, modular and very durable. They also have many mounting points for different equipment


For most studios having a cyclorama is a must. It allows for the most creative freedom versus messing around with different sized backgrounds and gets rid of the hassle of setting up different types of background support systems.

Another benefit is that it allows the camera to reposition and still have the background behind the subject at all times, this includes lows angles looking up at the subject (in relation to the height of the floor) or high angles looking down on the subject (how wide a top-down shot can be will depend on how large the floor of the cyc is)


The benefits of having a curtain are not only to help reduce echo in the space but it can also be used as a black background and as a “negative fill”

Dragon Image can help source and help design a curtain system that suits your requirements and your space.


This studio hosts a very robust lighting system to cover a majority of production needs

LightPro 600 RGB XL Flex LED Light

The 600 RGB XL Flex LED Light is a very large light source that is both Bi-colour (5600k - 3200k) and RGB. It also comes with a large diffusion and a directional grid. The combination of RGB LEDs allows the 600B to simulate a near limitless amount of scenes for dramatic lighting.

LightPro 200WB Studio LED Bi-Colour Panel with DMX

The LightPro 200WB Studio LED Bi-Colour Panel with DMX is a very powerful, soft LED that is perfect for creating High-key lighting with little to no shadows. This studio features 14 units, most of which are positioned to light the cyclorama evenly to ensure there are no issues with special effects in post-production.

LightPro Ultrasoft DF-1000C Round (Extra Large) LED - Bi-Colour LED Panel & Roller Stand

The Ultrasoft DF-1000C Round (XL) LED - Bi-colour LED Panel & Roller Stand is a very large round soft light designed for studio work. This is an absolute must in the studio to get rid of any shadows hiding under the top of the subject (e.g. for a person this would be the shadow under the neck, eyes ears, etc)

When using this light with no other lights (pitch black studio) it creates a very beautiful and moody scene, good enough to be used in a single light setup.

Due to the size of the 1000c Ultrasoft, we recommend using a roller stand as it can be a two-person job to reposition the light when it's on a normal stand.

Fiilex K154 Spot Light

A spotlight is definitely recommended to incorporate in any lighting system as it allows you to really focus on the subject and separate them from the environment. They can also mimic the type of light the sun and moon create along with a more prominent ‘hair light’ then what the 200WB will create.

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  • 4x hoist system to allow the control height of lights using a remote
  • Custom Truss system
  • Curtain custom designed
  • Custom Cyclorama
  • 1X Fiilex K154 Spot Light
  • 2x LightPro 600 RGB XL Flex LED Light. The product’s DMX control can be programmed to create different motion backgrounds like police car light or any other color movement effects.
  • 14x LightPro 200WB Studio LED Bi Colour Panel with DMX
  • 4x LightPro Ultrasoft DF-1000C Round (Extra Large) LED - Bi-Colour LED Panel
  • 4x AVENGER A5029 Stand Roller 29 Low Base