Manfrotto Filter 67mm PRO Protect


  • unique anti static coating
  • this filter allows 99.3% light transmission
  • Can remains on the lens without affecting image quality
  • reusable case included
  • Made in Japan
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Manfrotto Professional Protect Filter 67mm offers superior protection against dust, moisture and scratches and can permanently remain on the lens. It has been designed specifically for the Professional photographer who requires maximum protection of their photographic gear. The Professional Protect filter is water repellent, scratch and oil resistant, and has a unique antistatic coating. It includes 22 layers of coating ensuring a stronger anti-reflective surface and allows 99.3% light transmission.

Multi Coating
Each Manfrotto filter has been developed with the highest level of precision. The elaborate multi-coating process effectively minimizes reflections and maximizes the light transmission, hence delivering remarkable optical quality. The more anti-reflective the filter the higher the number of layers of coating. Additionally, as a result of the multi-coated layers, Manfrotto filters ensure a superior level of protection against dust, moisture and scratches.

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