LightPro V-Link Uninterrupted V-mount V-Lock Battery F100U

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Put two pieces full power battery BP-F100U or one BP- F100U with another V-mount battery on the equipment to discharge: When the first level light flashing, prompt replace the back battery. Remove the back battery directly equipment will not power outages. Replace a new full power battery, the device will not power outages, continue to discharge. Implement continuous discharge and continuous power Supply.

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BP-F100U Uninterrupted V-mount Battery

Product Features
· Unique V-mount battery overlay patent design. Battery back can overlay a BP-F100U or any other brand V-mount battery.
· Uninterrupted batter y discharge management design, Implement equipment power supply for a long time.
· High rate discharge design,Capacity100Wh can adapt to high power video equipment and high power LED lights.
· 5-level LED power indicator. The first level light as the back battery replacement light at the same time.
· Working temperature: -20°C~+55°C
· Quick charge and no memory effect
· Protection circuit design keeps the battery from the damages caused by over-heat, excessive current and extended charge / discharge.
· With D-tap and circular hole socket, both can be as charging or discharging port. D-Tap as the light power output port, could power supply for camera and LED light at the same time.
· With USB output port which widely used for personal electronic products.
· D-Tap and USB output socket is equipped with a rubber lid.

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