LightPro Jet Black Velvet Seamless Background Material

Very high quality non-woven mono-tone background with one-side flocking. (3 metre wide standard x 1 linear metre = $27.50/linear metre)

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***Please be aware that due to the large length of this item there will be an additional $25 shipping surcharge added to the order after checkout. Dragon Image Staff will contact you for payment.

Weight: Varies
Width: 3 metres
Length: Cut to suit your sizing needs, 1 metre up to 50 metres

Very high quality non-woven mono-tone background with one-side flocking. This Velvet is versatile enough to fulfil a range of photographic and filmmaking requirements.

This background is perfect for low-key style photography and low-key filmmaking, absorbing light to give a deep rich black background. Remember to flag your lights and use egg-crate grids on your softboxes to reduce the light spill onto the velvet

With jet black velvet though, the way to make the black background black is by choosing the correct lighting and exposure to make it black. If it comes out grey, you are overexposing it. Try some negative exposure compensation. If you want to know what lights you should be using, we at Dragon Image can show you some premade kits or customise a kit for your needs.

Don’t forget that an camera exposure meter wants to try to make everything a mid grey tone, so if you have a lot of black background in your shot, the camera will indeed try to make it grey.

Our black velvet only reflects 4% of the light from a vertical surface, however a horizontal surface reflects far more, so you’ll need to flag your lights to ensure that no light reaches the background, especially the horizontal parts. This will affect your light placement.

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