JOBY Clip Vent Auto GripTight

  • Attach Phone to Car Vent, Tripod & More
  • Airplane Clip Adapter for Tray Table
  • 1/4"-20 Thread for use with Tripods
  • Positioning Ball with 20-Degree Travel
  • TPS Grip Pads Designed Not to Scratch
  • Polycarbonate-ABS Plastic and Metal
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About Joby GripTight Auto Vent Clip

Smartphones with awesome cameras come in all shapes and sizes, but most tripod mounts only work with one model. Joby designed a solution that works with your gear, not against it. GripTight works with any tripod and comes in sizes to fit phones and small tablets. You can even keep your device in its snazzy case and pair it with your favorite accessories.

Experience Easy
Go from pocket-sized to shooting in seconds! The GripTight Mount is foldable and super compact and it quickly attaches to your tripod via a 1/4-20" screw. Because it doesn't require a special case or mounting mechanism, it's a breeze to set up. Stretch the clamp and insert your device. That's it! Because it adapts to the size of your device, GripTight Mount embraces the gear you've got now and the gear you're getting next year!

GripTight Mount up close

Fits all smartphones small tablets
Adjustable grip available in three sizes fits all iPhones, Android Windows phones and small tablets, such as the iPad mini with or without a case. Sized between 2.1-2.8 in, 54-72 mm wide for GripTight Regular, 2.7-3.9 in, 69-99 mm for GripTight XL and 3.8-5.5 in, 96 - 140 mm for GripTight for smaller tablets.

Mount easily expands to grip your device
Internal steel springs allow mount to expand to the size of your device grip it securely.

Grip your device safely securely
Reliable rubber grip pads secure your phone or tablet in place, even when turned sideways!

Foldable portable
Mount legs fold in making it easy to fit it in your pocket or bag. Attach a lanyard to the Mount (Regular or XL only) and add it to your keychain so it's always with you.

Connects to most camera tripods and all GorillaPods
Universal stainless-steel 1/4-20" screw fits almost every camera tripod.

GripTight for Smaller Tablets
Tablets with or without a case between 96 mm and 140 mm wide will fit the GripTight for smaller tablets

Your tripod now plays nicely with your cases accessories
The GripTight Mount works well with your cases and other accessories. The slender, clamp-style design doesn't get in the way of your snazzy case, cell lenses, filter kits or mic but still keeps your smartphone safe and secure.

Transform your tablet

Capture Still Photos and Video
Your small tablet has a great camera, but can be awkward to shoot with. Mount your small tablet on a tripod for a stable shot with improved quality.

Use Your Tablet as a Remote Monitor
Photographers and videographers often use tablets tethered to a camera to view their work in the field. Mount your small tablet on a tripod to preview or live-view your shots.

"Kiosk" for Video Playback
Mount your small tablet on a tripod as an easy and portable solution for people to view video at an event or presentation.

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