Interview Advanced Light and Sound Kit

The Interview Advance Kit is for a more professional look and sound. This lightweight unit is great for on location videography or photo shoots. If you’re interested in an interview lighting kit that also has the option of being battery-powered, so you can set up interviews outdoors, you must consider this LED lighting kit.

To achieve this, the kit includes:

  • 2x 2m Light Stand
  • 2x LightPro DN-600CSC Dual Colour Compact - LED Video Light
  • Sennheiser EW112-p G3 Wireless Lapel / Lavalier Microphone System

In stock

Lightweight and sturdy light stand, which converts to background support system with added cross bar. Max height 2 m. Compact folded size for easy transport

The LightPro DN-600CSC Dual Colour Compact - LED Video Light is a compact verison of the popular LightPro Dual Colour DN-600CSC LED Panel - LED Video Light, This LED gives you colour control from 3200k - 5600k making it a very versatile option for anyone in video. The LED comes with a v-mount on the back to take the widely avalible V-Lock Batteries avalible in store.

Fast, flexible and professional: these characteristics make the ew 112-p G3 the perfect fit for every ambitious reporting team seeking both portability and great sound quality. The nearly invisible clip-on omni-directional microphone transmits its signal via a bodypack transmitter with mute function and a portable, battery-powered adaptive-diversity receiver. The receiver and transmitter are lightweight and easy to operate, yet rugged and packed with features.

  • Designed with lightweight and durable construction, you can carry this light around with you wherever you go.
  • Metal light housing is rugged, and helps your video lighting to dissipate heat well.
  • White diffuser can soften the light source and enhance skin tone in portraits photography.
  • Adjustable Lighting: Dial-adjustable, blanced panels can be equipped with filters for diffusion/color temperature changes
  • For Video and Photography: Continious flicker-free LEDs make the light ideal for portraits and vlogs
  • Safe and Energy-Efficient: Ultra-low heat output and energy usage

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