Hire Equipment - Lupolux DayLED 1000 fresnel LED Light

The Lupolux DayLED lights have the same beautiful fresnel lenses with flood/spot control and high quality build construction as the classic Lupolux HMI lamps. Made from carbon fibre reinforced polymer they are built to last a lifetime. The high colour rendering index daylight balanced (5600°K) light produced is from an array of power LEDs. These latest generation of LEDs have instant start and are fully dimmable from 0-100%. They are DMX (remote) controllable making these lights the ideal choice for video and theatre productions.

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Shooting news with Lupolux LED Fresnels, with Olivia Speranza from Dragon Image on Vimeo.

The LEDs are very robust and have a life span of 50,000 hrs, making these lights much more cost effective compared to other continuous lighting. Due to their very low power consumption LEDs are very well suited to run on battery power making them a great choice for wedding, portrait or commercial photographers. These Lupolux DayLED lamps come equipped with a low voltage socket for battery connection in addition to a mains powered plug.

• Suitable for studio photography, TV/video productions, stage events or even rock concerts ;)
• 150mm & 120mm Fresnel lenses in the 1000 and 650 models respectively
• Equipped with either a 90W Powerled array (DayLED 1000) or a 50W Powerled array (DayLED 650)
• Extremely lightweight and strong
• Minimal power consumption
• High light output - equivelent of 650W and 1000W tungsten lamp power respectively
• Spot and flood control
• Near instant start and stop with no warm up time
• 0 - 100% dimming without any change in colour temperature
• 14.8 V battery connection (broadcast industry standard)
• DMX control with through connections.
• High CRI (colour rendering index) value - >90
• LED colour temperature: 5600 K
• Mains supply voltage: 90V - 240V
• Standard yoke included with a pole operated yoke available as an option.
• Weight: 2.5 kg (DayLED 650) / 3.5kg (DayLED 1000)
• Dimensions: 190mm x 160mm x 180mm (DayLED 650) / 210mm x 260mm x 230mm (DayLED 1000)
• LED life: >50,000 hrs.
• Standard 16mm universal socket for lighting stands and mounts

Technical data for Lupolux DayLED photo/video lights
Product DayLED 650 DayLED 1000
LED consumption: 50W 90W
Light output 650W (equivelent) 1000W (equivelent)
Lamp colour temp. 5600°K 5600°K
Hot restrike Yes Yes
Lamp life: >50,000 hrs >50,000 hrs
Mains voltage: 90 - 240V 90 - 240V
UK plug fitted Yes Yes
Includes barn doors Yes Yes
Dimming control Yes 0% - 100% Yes 0% - 100%
Yoke: 16mm universal spigot socket 16mm universal spigot socket
Fresnel lens: 120mm 150mm
Weight: 2.5kg 3.5kg
Dimensions: 190mm x 160mm x 180mm 210mm x 260mm x 230mm
Battery input via 4 pole XLR 14.8v 14.8v
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