Exhibition Truss 100mm Mini Square .5m

100 Series truss is constructed of main tubes (48,3 x 3 mm) and diago­nals (16 x 2 mm). Equipped with the CCS6 conical coupling system, the 100 truss is fast and easy to assemble. The 100 truss can be found in rental fleets all over the globe, where its optimum strength and flexible application possibilities make it well loved and much used. 100 truss is available in triangular and square profiles and a range of corners and accessories.

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Made from high strength aluminium alloy 6082-TG
Available in 0.5, 1, 2, 3m (custom sizes up to 4m available)
Lightweight 2.1kg per meter (average weight)
Easy to assemble using CCS6 conical coupling system
Largely used for performance, meetings exhibition constructions, hotel and other indoor and outdoor decorations.
100x100mm square truss Load
Length: 1M
Uniformly Distributed Load (UDL): 300kg/m
Center Point Load (CPL): 240kg
Length: 2M
Uniformly Distributed Load (UDL): 140kg/m
Center Point Load (CPL): 180kg
Length: 3M
Uniformly Distributed Load (UDL): 92kg/m
Center Point Load (CPL): 140kg
Length: 5M
Uniformly Distributed Load (UDL): 42kg/m
Center Point Load (CPL): 74kg
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