CSO 2 Head Flash Lighting Kit with Green Screen

The Colour Separation 2 Head Flash Lighting Kit for is a great flexible Flash Lighting Kit that can be used in studio for Portrait and Product Photography. It includes 2x LightPro 400 3G Flash Heads, 2x 2.8m Stands, 1x Large Background Support Kit and 6 metres of Chroma Key Velvet.

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Dragon Image Education and Corporate Video Production Kits from Dragon Image on Vimeo.

A feature packed, powerful, small studio flash system, The FlashPro 400 3G has a receiver built into the head, which enables not only wireless radio triggering with the supplied transmitter, but also the ability to control the power of each head remotely from the camera position. Perfect for lights placed high or on a boom.

Product Highlights

Germany Hyman Flash Tube (guarantee colour for 100,000 Flashes)
Built-in Control and Trigger Receiver
1/9000s Flash duration @ t+0.5
1.2 Sec Recycle Time
Digital-Friendly 5V Sync Voltage
6-Stop Power Variability

KIt Includes:

2 x FlashPro 400 3G Wireless controled flash head
2 x LightPro 2m Light Stand
2 x LightPro 60x80 double diffused softbox
1 x FlashPro 400 3G wireless controller

The background support system is a necessity if you wish to start shooting studio quality photos. However, it's a really simple system to set up and use, and coupled with background material, makes taking professionals looking photos a breeze.

2 x 3.1m 3-section spring loaded stands

1 x 3.6m 4-section cross bar

1 x Carry Case included for storage and travel The Background Support System uses two spring loaded 3.1m stands.

These stands may double as light stands if you purchase a spigot. It also uses a four-section cross bar that can extend to 365cm using all four sections or 270cm using only three or 180cm using only two bars. This system also allows for mounting a second crossbar and background.

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