Dragon Image is pleased to announce the DSMC2 Trade-In Program!

This program provides you with the opportunity to trade-in your DSMC cameras for one of RED’s new DSMC2 Cameras!


     -You have one of the RED Digital Cinema cameras on the list below in working condition.

     -You can prove that you are the registered owner of the camera (Registered on RED.com).

     -Ensuring the removal of all content—including identifying or personal information from the camera.

     -You are not permitted to re-sell the camera within 90 days of trade in.

If you would like more information, please contact one of our three stores:

Sydney - 02 9415 8848 - angelo@dragonimage.com.au or sue@dragonimage.com.au

Melbourne - 03 9415 8848 - angus@dragonimage.com.au

Brisbane - 07 3219 3803 - rio@dragonimage.com.au