1. 2020 Recap: Dragon Image’s Top 5 Products for the Year

    2020 hasn’t been friendly to anyone, especially in the film industry. That said, we've gotten through to the end largely unscathed and had the privilege of selling some incredible brand new products, which should be essential for a lot of filmmakers’ kits heading into 2021.
  2. Changes to NESA accreditation

    the NESA logo

    Professional development for teachers will have to meet new, more rigorous criteria, and focus on priority areas to be accredited by the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) from 2021.

  3. Thinking About Getting the RED KOMODO? Here’s Another Reason Why!

    Since the RED Komodo 6K has been released to the wider market, we’ve had plenty of inquiries from people asking why they should pick this camera over other competitors. While the incredible colour science, compact versatility among other great features are all big selling points, we now have another reason why you will be happy with your Komodo purchase...
  4. A Recap of Our RED Komodo 6K Livestream Q&A

    Following the recent release of the highly-anticipated RED Komodo 6K, Dragon Image Sydney held a live streamed Q&A event, going into detail the features and specs of the camera, as well as a walk through the settings. Continue reading to get a recap of the event!
  5. Ceiling Mounted Lighting Solutions

    If you own a studio space, you’re probably aware of the benefits of having your lights off the floor. Luckily at Dragon Image, we have a wide range of different ceiling mounting solutions that are tailored for various types of studio spaces, meaning we have the solution for you! Read below to find out more.
  6. The New and Improved 40B / 40W Tracklight System

    If you’re a business, school or university who needs to produce high-quality videos, but don’t have experience in doing so, you’ve probably had difficulty in knowing where to start. It’s generally easier to hire a film crew to handle the production side of things for larger corporate videos and advertisements, but what if you just need a quick and easy piece-to-camera, training video or interview with a client? This all-in-one system is the perfect way to transform an office space into a professional video studio!
  7. New LED Lighting at Dragon Image!

    At Dragon Image, we are always listening to our customers and importing products that will give people the most value for money in an ever-evolving industry. Whether it’s a COB light similar to the Aputure Lightstorms, an affordable yet powerful RGB light, or a new and improved LED ceiling light for your studio, we’ve introduced a new range of LED lights that will be sure to prove a great addition to your kit!
  8. The KOMODO has arrived!

    Have you heard about this new camera coming out?
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