1. How the Ultrasoft is your Perfect Solution for Food Photography

    Ever since we received our first Ultrasoft panel back in July 2017 at the SMPTE trade show, we knew this was going to be a very popular item, but we didn’t know what field was going to like it more.....

  2. Here are the Top 5 items you should buy with LED Panels

    You are thinking of buying an LED panel, or you have bought an LED panel and you don't know what else you need. We have pieced together the TOP 5 ITEMS you should look at investing in.
  3. RED DSMC2 Event Sydney 2018

  4. RED Digital Cinema- TRADE IN AND SAVE!

    Dragon Image is pleased to announce the DSMC2 Trade-In Program! This program provides you with the opportunity to trade-in your DSMC cameras for one of RED’s new DSMC2 Cameras!
  5. LightPro Expan set for background system

    LightPro Expan set for background system from Dragon Image on Vimeo.

  6. Going from Photographic Stills into Video - Here are the TOP 5 THINGS we wished we knew:

    Transitioning into video isn't as easy as one would hope. We've sat down and discussed what hurdles we ran into when going from photography into filmmaking. In this email we will discuss the TOP 5 THINGS we wished we knew when we started.

  7. Building a studio for The Studio.

    We get a lot of companies needing help with building a studio. this is the case with The Studio's Chromaky Studio.
  8. *NEW LOOK* the Sennheiser EW512P G4 Wireless Lapel Audio Kit

    The New Sennheiser Evolution G4 wireless Lav System is in store so I thought I would see what is inside.
  9. BOX OPENING - The Highly Anticipated DJI RONIN-S

    Ever since NAB we have been excited to get our hands on this gimbal, and I am sure you have to. We are going to unbox it and set it up. Join us and lets go.
  10. My Rode Reel 2018

    Now in its 5th year, My RØDE Reel has even more categories celebrating every aspect of filmmaking excellence, with a combined prize pool of over $1 Million! Anyone can enter.