1. Everything you need to know about V-Lock batteries!

    As a filmmaker, you are always after power. Nowadays shooting at high resolutions 4K/8K and RAW requires a LOT of juice and very often you are not just powering the camera, You could also have external monitors, wireless transmitter, recorders and lights.
  2. It’s Summer 2019 and The SHARKs are circling

    The perfect light to transition from photography into video with ease.

  3. Is the LightPro Focus-Mini 50C Kit the ultimate 3 head interview kit?

  4. Are You an Artist? Learn how to photograph artworks with these top tips

    Are you an artist? Do you want to sell prints of your creations? Do you want to create a book of your art to share? Are you the Digital Curator of an art gallery, and you want to record the masterpieces, digitally? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then I will help you in the process.
  5. The Events of Dragon Image in 2018

    During 2018 Dragon Image embarked on more hands-on events and introduced a new sector to the Dragon Image team, we welcomed Dragon Education and Training....
  6. Need to Wirelessly Transmit Videos? Welcome the Vaxis 500+

    Filmmaking is becoming ever so popular with the advancements in technology, so R&D teams are finding new ways to improve current systems. With TVCs, feature film production, news and current affairs, the need for wireless transmission systems that are both affordable and even more-so RELIABLE, come in to play. This is why we have the new Vaxis Stom 500+, because we have found that its reliability is quite high, and the price isn’t.
  7. The Top Guide to shooting Testimonial Videos for your business

    Recently I have had the question (quite a number of times, might I add): “I want to shoot testimonials, where do I start?” So, because of this, I thought I would write a blog on the best steps involved in creating videos for testimonials and single person interviews.

     Step 4. Lighting

  8. Need really good audio for your phone? The Sennheiser Memory Mic is your Solution! Here's why..

    The world has been swooped up completely by the recent developed and current trending form of communication. In the past, we used to have blogging as a regular form of medium to communicate with the outside world. But now the focus has entirely shifted towards Vlogging as a means of communication and telling your story, telling a story whatever you are passionate about.
  9. DJI Osmo Pocket

    The smallest 3-axis stabilised handheld camera DJI has ever designed!