Big Box Cars Studio Build

What was required: To build a studio designed to photograph cars on a large scale. Due to these requirements, all cables needed to be off the ground and the softbox needed to be height adjustable.

Our solution: An exhibition truss system with ceiling mounted lighting and 6x6m softbox diffusion frame.


Dragon EDU can also provide NESA Accredited Training on all equipment sold and well as incursions and excursions.

Service agreements are available on all builds and come with annual training on the equipment and maintenance of the space. Please contact us for more information.

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Cars have been some of the most difficult objects to photograph, with so many reflections at the surface of the vehicle, it can be almost impossible to take a nice, even photo of a car. Working together with Rohrig, we supplied, installed and commissioned a 10m x 10m x 7m studio space with a 6m x 6m (20ft x 20ftx) diffusion softbox for Big Box Cars. At the core of the softbox, we had placed 9x Lightpro Shark 3000D Lights, attached to a 4x4m truss system.

Cyclorama curves and corners were installed across the wall and floor to create a completely even white background, perfect for shooting highly reflective objects.

Exhibition Truss System

The Exhibition Truss is a heavy duty frame system, used primarily as a mounting system for photography and video studios, concerts, theatre and other exhibitions. Constructed from a high-strength 6082-TG aluminium alloy, it is built to last.

Despite only weighing 2.1kg per metre, the truss has a Uniformly Distributed Load of 300kg per metre and a Centre Point Load of 240kg, making it an extremely strong and durable solution. Pieces are available in sizes up to 4m (0.5m, 1m, 2m, 3m), and the CCS6 Conical Coupling System makes it easy to assemble.

Lightpro Shark 3000D

The LightPro Shark 3000D LED Light is a powerful LED lighting fixture with a fixed 5600K Colour Temperature. The light comes with an impressive LUX reading of 71311 lux at 50cm with its included reflector, and with CRI and TLCI ratings of 95+, the Shark 3000D has an extremely accurate rendering of colour.

The light has a Bowen-S mount fitting, meaning it can be paired with softboxes, umbrellas, snoots, barn door grid sets and other fresnel attachments. This makes it an ideal light for photographers who need a power continuous light source, or those who are transitioning into film and are still wanting to make use of their accessories. Additionally, it has an intelligent cooling fan system, which allows the unit to regulate the heat it produces. It can also either be battery or AC powered, depending on the desired application.

Avenger 12x12ft Fold Away Diffusion Frame

NOTE: The 6x6m diffusion frame mentioned in this build was a special order specifically for this build. We do not sell this item individually, so if you requiring it please contact us and we can make a special order for you. This is the largest diffusion frame we sell individually.

The Avenger 12x12ft Fold Away Diffusion Frame is a unique overhead frame that allows easy setup and packdown in a matter of seconds. The precisely engineered hinged connection points easily fold together, allowing easy transportation of the frame between sets, through doorways or in cars without needing to remove the fabric (NOTE: The fabric needs to be bought separately).

Constructed from a high strength Aluminium alloy, the frame is built to last. Moreover, whilst it a 3.6x3.6m square when fully open, it collapses into a really concise size of 374x15x3cm when collapsed, making transportation easy. The tube is only 2mm thick, and all up, the frame is a lightweight 10.5kg.

Other Accessories

Lightpro Jet Black Velvet Background Material

Lightpro Super Clamp

Lightpro Safety Chain

Nashua Black Gaffer Tape

Hosa Black Cable Tie (10-pack)

Please Note:
Due to the nature of products being updated, the products may change to suit the current version of the product. If a product is not available or there is a better one at the same price you will get contacted. Dragon Image will endeavour to select products that preform the same task as the product being replaced.

Installation Time: 1-2 days
Installation Cost: $1780 approx.
Please note that installation cost very depending on the location and ceiling type and an inspection is recommended.

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30m Floor to Wall Cyclorama Horizontal

10m Wall to Wall Cyclorama Vertical

2x Studio Curve Corners

6x6m diffusion frame

4x4m Square Truss

9x Lightpro Shark 3000D LED

1x Diffusion Frame 6x6m 

6x6x3m Black Velvet for softbox

9x Lightpro Super Clamp

9x Lightpro Safety Chain

1x Nashua Black Gaffer Tape

12x Hosa Black Cable Tie (10-pack)

Installation (price varies)

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