AVENGER C345K Barrel Clamp

An extremely strong barrel clamp for mounting to pipes 42-52mm in diameter, the Avenger C345K Barrel Clamp locks into place using a T-knob.

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The Avenger C345K Barrel Clamp with T-Knob was created using suggestions from professional users and the latest available Avenger manufacturing techniques. This silver aluminum alloy Barrel Clamp has several uses. It has a removable baby (5/8") spigot and a junior (1 1/8") receptor. It has a T-Knob locking mechanism and a safety cable.

This clamp is extremely strong. It has a load capacity of 1323 lb (600kg), due mainly to gravity casting which eliminates any kind of air bubbles from forming inside the casting material. It will mount to any pipe between 1.65 and 2.04" (42 - 52mm) in diameter.


Aluminum, silver finish - Gravity Cast
Mounting Baby (5/8") Removable Spigot
Baby (5/8") Receptor
Junior (1-1/8") Female Receptor
T-Knob Locking Mechanism
Load Capacity 1322.76 lbs (600kg)
Weight 1.98 lbs (0.9kg)

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Avenger C345K Barrel Clamp with T-Knob (Silver)


  • Safety Cable
  • Limited 2-Year Warranty